Monday, December 7, 2009

Page's first snow

Today Page got to experience her first snow. We got about 1.25 inches of wet snow, and I was surprised when I looked out this morning (the forecasters blew it and only called for a light dusting). I opened the back door, and as I suspected Page went blasting out into the snow without missing a beat.

Page was quite curious about it, and she got the zoomies. She stayed out longer than any of the other dogs today playing in the snow. She also learned from watching Connor that you can eat the snow. Since she likes ice cubes (as does Connor), this was great fun.

Unfortunately the fun was over by this afternoon, and the snow was gone. I think we'll be seeing more of the white stuff, so Page will continue to enjoy it this winter, I'm sure!

I took these video clips very early this morning. The girls very similar, so for reference Devon is darker and has less tail feathering than her little sister Page. Oh, and Connor makes an appearance, too. He's the cream colored Golden that blends into the snow. He announces his presence by barking in the first video. Enjoy!

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