Thursday, July 16, 2009

Devon's 12 hour track

On Sunday evening, I laid Devon a track at 7 p.m. However, after we got done running Page's track, it would have been after 10 pm when we ran Devon's. So I decided to try her on an overnight aged track. I know those on the west coast and in southern states run overnight tracks all the time because of the heat, but this is a new experience for Devon.

I wish I had a map of this track, but the location is too new for Google. Devon did a really good job with the track and found all her articles. She struggled a little with the start and the first non-veg which was a baseball diamond. I could see my footprints from the night before, and I could see added prints from a coyote or dog and deer from overnight.

Once back in the lush grass, Devon did really well through her next non-veg and first article. She didn't struggle again until her real non-veg turn. Once she committed to it, she tracked it well back into the grass and then to a plastic article. It was hidden, but she was on the track and found it easily.

Once in the grass again, Devon didn't want to go back out into the parking lot. She indicated that's where the track went, but she skirted the track on the sidewalk instead. I followed her, but the track angled out into the parking lot and she was soon far off of the track. I took her back to where she lost the scent and told her I didn't go on the sidewalk and she knew it.

Apparently my comments worked, because once she was back to the transition, she worked it properly (although grudgingly) and did go into the parking lot. She worked this surface swiftly, but accurately. She knew what she was doing once out there. Then it was back into the grass for her final article.

I won't do 12 hour tracks very often with Devon, but it was an interesting experience. She worked the track very meticulously, taking three times the normal time to complete it. This track had some extra scent, but no chalk. It proved to me she really doesn't need extra scent. The chalk is still helpful for MOT turns and transitions, but it's also time to fade it, too.

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