Saturday, July 4, 2009

Page's first shopping trip

I took Page with me to a pet store last week so I could get some freeze dried raw food for our trip to Ohio. I was also looking for a Raspberry collar Lisa said was perfect for Page. While I was looking at collars, Page was doing her own examinations. Below the collar displays, right at puppy height, was the display of every single food bowl the store carried. And there was Page putting her nose in every food bowl down the aisle hoping the food bowl fairy left her something.

Next Page figured out that if she crawled between the 35+ lb. dog food bags on the bottom shelf, she would find loose kibble for snacks. When I tried to walk to the front of the store, she sat in the aisle and barked in protest at being taken away from her free kibble! This girl found free food and she was NOT going to leave it!

We finally made our way to checkout without breaking any food bowls or tearing open any bags of dog food when the girl behind the checkout counter asked if Page wanted a treat. Oh yeah, she wanted every bag along the way! The nice girl gave Page a treat, and Page politely took it and ate it. Page was impressed, and she sat down looking at the counter trying to figure out how to get the girl's attention to ask for another treat. Before I could react, Page tried to leap on top of the counter (twice!) to ask for another treat. The scary thing is, she almost made it! This was a full sized counter that came to my waist! The girl started laughing and yelled for the other store clerks to come watch her, saying Page was half kangaroo (I was SOOOO proud!).

All I can say is if we ever get to Cape Cod to visit Trix, Page wants her own personal tour of Hot Diggity. However I've already warned Nicole to watch Page for shoplifting!

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