Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Take off that Golden coat!

Page isn't your typical Golden. She's not crazed or too high; she has a lovely off switch and loves to lay across my lap. But she has plenty of "go" and is always wanting to work.

Many times during the day if I let her out and walk out to the deck with her, she flies off the deck and races to the door of the building just sure it's time to train. She'll stop and look back at me then race full blast back to me, turn and do it all over again. About the second trip she realizes we aren't going to train, and she's always disappointed. And when I actually do reach for the blue plastic basket with the training treats and clicker to go to the building, Page is beside herself with glee. Page has no greater joy in life but to train.

I have said since I got her that I haven't had a puppy like her since Reece, the border collie. She's different only in that she actually sleeps and has an off switch. While I know my friends like her, they are also very glad she's mine and they don't have to live with her. I do remind them that she does sleep and has an off switch, but they aren't convinced.

A few days ago we were training agility. Page had done some demo work and she was bored waiting her next turn so she was tugging on the leash. Pretty soon I heard from my right, "Huh, I've never seen a Belgian in a Golden coat...." I had to laugh! It came from Bobbi who has lovely high drive Tervs. Yep, that was a good analogy! Page may be a Golden on the outside, but she has lots of herding dog traits on the inside. I guess she's in the right home!

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Training my Mammoth said...


My old Golden had an off switch too. Since he was my first and only Golden, I didn't realize that he was the exception to the rule!

Someone said that analogy to me once too, when Layla was in obedience class, that she must be a Border Collie in a fur coat because she enjoys working too much. It's a nice compliment :)