Friday, January 29, 2010

Reece is still making his statement

Reece went to live with my parents a couple of years ago. This was his choice. He still avoids me when I go to my parents' house for fear I'll take him home with me.

Mom just emailed me these photos she took today. The week of Thanksgiving and black Lab pup arrived at their farm. After searching for her owners, no one claimed her and it looked like she was dumped. It didn't take long for everyone to realize she wasn't going anywhere.

So with 6-month-old Maci to control, Reece has more to do during the day. First, he has to make sure Maci (right) and Hollie (left) don't go anywhere when they're laying in the sun (yes, he's herding them).

Then he needs to make sure he hangs onto HIS bone. Maci likes to steal his bone, so just in case he dozes off (he is nearly 13 years old, you know), he sleeps on it for good measure.

Really, he DOES sleep now that he's 13! I've seen it!

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