Saturday, August 23, 2008

But I want to snack!!

Connor and I now have a little game while tracking. It's called, "Let's see how many snacks I can get while still getting through a track." He snacks all the way through his tracks and it drives me crazy! I can't imagine what kind of animal poop and junk he's eating. Today he completed a 340 yard track with three turns and he did it in lovely style EXCEPT FOR THE SNACKING! I wonder if it's acceptable to continually scream, "Connor! Leave it! Leave it!" all the way through a track? Am I giving him mixed messages? As soft as he is, he's a bear about this. He doesn't care how many times I yell at him, he keeps snacking and some how keeps tracking!

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Kathy said...

I'd just let him snack. There are some trainers who believe that scolding is actually a form of reinforcement for the dog. After a failure, they simply try again silently and work on impulse control away from the behavior they're trying to perfect. But all things considered, I think it's a losing battle to fight self-rewarding behavior with a verbal correction. And, he may be tracking because he can snack. That may be what he likes best about tracking.