Monday, May 18, 2009

Page's latest training clips

Since I had the camera out, I taped some additional training this morning. I really do like taping these training sessions, because it shows me what I'm doing wrong. 

This first clip is of "set ups" or a left finish. The goal is to get the dog in heel position as if you are going to start a heeling pattern. You'll see I'm moving my hips and knees when I'm moving her into position, which I don't like at all. I love what Page is doing, and it's so sad I don't have lean over to give her a treat anymore! She's getting bigger!

Here is Page's backing. She's doing a nice job; now I need to add more distance with her.

Here is Page's accordion or fold-back down. I also had the tug toy in my pocket, so we got to see she's almost as steady on a down as she is a sit stay! Good girl!

That's some of what Page has been working on. Maybe we'll get more on tape later in the week.


Kathy said...

For backing up, try rolling a treat on the floor between her front legs to deliver the reward. If you roll it right, she will have to continue backing up (instead of stopping and looking up at you) to receive her reward.

She looks very nice.

Lysiane said...

Look at those legs and the little skinny puppy butt! She's looking great. Sure you don't want to train two westies to do that cool kid stuff?
Ok so have to say, don't beat yourself up about your knees and hips moving. Remember, she's a baby and just learning so sometimes I think our movements need to be exagerated so they are sure of what they are doing.