Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning

1. Why are there always dishes to wash, laundry to do, bills to pay, mail to open, things to file, and on and on?

2. I'm thankful that it's 50 degrees and the wind is blowing because I can FINALLY see the grass again, and the dogs can spend more time outside without their feet freezing.

3. I'm glad to be going to the training building today with only one sweatshirt on.

4. A full-sized bed is slightly too small for comfort with one human and two Golden Retrievers ... and a Belgian Sheepdog who bounces on and off the bed the minute I wake up.

5. Devon agrees about the bed; I heard a THUNK! at 3 a.m. and her butt and back feet were off the bed with her front feet and head on the bed.

6. I have really well trained dogs, who know not to go up or down the stairs unless told do to so. In fact, they are so well trained, I'd been downstairs for 5 minutes working around the kitchen, before I realized I had no dogs with me. I stepped into the dining room and said, "OK" and heard three sets of feet coming down the stairs. What good dogs!

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