Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today’s track with Ian

Ian just kicked butt tracking this morning! He’s really got the game. The minute I picked up his tracking harness, he started screaming and spinning in his crate. He would barely stand still for me to put his harness on and then was dragging me through the field to the start flag. I’m absolutely going to have to get gloves to work the line. He’s going to cut my hands to ribbons with that line the way he pulls and the speed at which he works the track and circles.

I had been worried I did something too hard for him today. I laid a 90-yard track with no food; I aged it 15 minutes. The grass was damp and the humidity up which was good. I thought he was being slowed down by the food drops, and I was right. He dragged me down the line, and I had to keep all my weight back to keep my balance. Had he ever given me slack in the line, I would have sat on my butt. He only stopped twice and when I said, “Where’s your track?” he got right back to it. I think he worked that line in about 1 minute flat, and he wasn’t off the line much at all.

I let him out to 10-15 ft. on the tracking line and he handled it will. I think I’ll keep him at 10 ft. for a while until he’s more seasoned and near ready to certify.

He’s going to be an amazing tracker. He’s showing me the clear drive for a TDX. I’ve already seen him snuffle scent on hard surfaces, which I didn’t discourage since there was no obedience in his future. I’m just really shocked at how fast he’s taken to this sport. I knew when I got him he had performance potential, and he continues to impress me. I still don’t know if there will ever be a CD in his future, though. However, it would be nice to have three VCD dogs…..

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Kathy said...

OK, so I now understand why some people separate their tracking and field work (re Zoe indicating where all those birds were at the hunt test). But I don't understand allowing a dog to snuffle hard surfaces or not based on whether you want to do obedience. What is it about scent articles that makes you want to discourage that?