Thursday, March 12, 2009

2x2 training day 5

The last two days have gone by in a blur! Day 5 went very well. I changed the location of the 2x2s in the field but stayed in the same training yard. I started with the two sets of poles 2 feet apart. This time I did entries all up and down the entry arc, especially the high challenge area. 

I continue to be amazed at Devon's progress! She's driving through the two sets of poles, and she's really looking for that second set! After not missing a single entry, I closed them down to 1 ft. and tried several entries. Again, not a single miss. Next, they went down to just a few inches. Again, she was perfect. 

Then I took the plunge! I moved them straight in a line and held my breath! Four poles straight up ... never fear, she nailed it! I only did three approaches from the right, left and low challenge entry arc. However, Devon was driving through those poles! Yeah!!

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