Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let the games begin!

Today I met with Debbie and her 6-month-old puppy Amazing Grace. Debbie and Grace and Devon and I worked on Crate Games. We had a lot of fun, and the best thing was seeing Debbie get so excited over Grace's success! I know Debbie didn't think Grace could get all the way through to Stage 3: Yer In, Yer Out, but Grace just blossomed with the shaping and was successful immediately on the first attempt. It was really impressive and a testament to how smart this little girl is to watch her work through that she was to sit when mom opened the crate. What a cutie! And Debbie should have had her own "treats" for what a great job she did.

I think we have another convert to the world of clicker training! Way to go girls!

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