Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weave work

Devon was successful on Thursday with her weaves in sequence at Pawsitive Partners. They were strong and fast and I was really proud of her. The change in her weaving is dramatic. On Friday, I took the video camera out to the agility yard to see what I could get. 

Devon wasn't all that fast through these weaves and her footwork isn't a solid hoping two step. But, she knows her job! The entrances I gave her, which you couldn't see off camera, were into the high challenge area, and she clearly knows her job. You can see all three clips on our You Tube Channel. Below is a good practice shot with her hoping two step style at the end (I don't have video editing software yet, so you'll have to enjoy the birds chirping and the wind blowing before Devon comes on screen).

Compare the weave performance above to what I was seeing just a month ago ... well, there is no comparison! She knows what she's doing now!

Now that Devon knows her job in the weaves, I believe the next time we trial our performance will be as good as it was above with jumping and handling and with great weave poles!

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